Excuse the dust

Ok. I think last night I fixed the formatting problem. Indeed I think I fixed it in both firefox and I.E. (different renderings of CSS in different browsers are the bane of my webdesigning). I haven’t tested it on any of the Mac browsers so if anything looks rabidly amiss let me know.

And in other news, for anyone reading this via RSS feed, I need to change it. Previously I was using the blogger default, which is all fine and good except I have multiple blogs writing into a single directory and so I keep doing stupid things like overwriting the RSS feed with output from the wrong place.

So the new feed will be http://www.sliz.net/sliz.xml For the time being the old feed will also be active, but since blogger doesn’t allow you to set up two feeds at once, keeping the default feed going requires a manual copy on my part. So you shouldn’t assume I’ll keep both indefinitely.

You know, I didn’t used to be this lazy. Once upon a time, before what I was doing was called a blog, I used to write on my webpage by logging into the server and typing my entry in pico. I also manually copied old entries into an archive folder. In theory technology makes things “easier.” In reality I think it just raises the standards of what you should do, sometimes actually requiring more work. (Here I’m thinking not just of computers but also of the innovations in housework like vacuum cleaners and dishwashers since the evidence suggests that at least initially these innovations did not lead women to do less housework).


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