So when will ASA feature a talk on "Deconstructing medicating Katie?"

Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with a world where magazines feature ads for diet drugs for dogs? It’s bad enough that every time you turn on the TV or flip open a magazine you’re faced with a plethora of blue, purple, and red pills that you’re encouraged to ask your doctor about. Now you have to remember to ask your vet whether Slenderal might be right for you dog. I just have to make sure not to get confused and accidentally get propecia for the cat (who already seems to have plenty of hair to spare, judging from the state of the blanket he sleeps on).

And for those who don’t get the title of this post, it’s a reference to the talk “Deconstructing playing with Katie” from the Animals and Society section of the 2006 ASA, which Jeremy Freese discussed here (and elsewhere but I’m too lazy to dig for it).

One thought on “So when will ASA feature a talk on "Deconstructing medicating Katie?"”

  1. Wow…that’s seriously messed up…as if it is not the owner’s issue the dog is overweight…which is most often the cause…so unless those pills are for the owner…


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