A little political desperation perhaps?

I talked with my parents last week and my mother shared something that amused me.  I still sometimes get mail at their place and she goes through and throws out the credit card offers and piles the remaining newsletters and such for me to look at when I come to visit.  Apparently I recently got not one, but two, pieces of mail from the McCain campaign asking me to register to vote absentee.  Given that I’ve lived in LA for seven years and immediately jumped through all the hoops to be declared a resident for tuition purposes after a year of living here, the notion of voting absentee in Wisconsin is quite comical.  But the part that I find really perplexing is the fact that I was never registered to vote at that address.  I always elected to wait in endless lines to vote in Madison rather than voting absentee in Richland County.  My mother said she looked me up and I’m apparently still listed in the Wisconsin voter rolls at my last Madison address (which is interesting given that I didn’t know you could even do that, wonders of the internet I guess).  This almost certainly means that my name and address was pulled from DMV records since my drivers license always used my parents’ place as my address (UW records would be another possibility, except my current mail receipt seems to suggest that when my loans went into repayment last year all the other various mail-sending departments got my address update too).  Now I can sort of understand if I haven’t been purged from the voter rolls since I wouldn’t imagine there’d be much communication across state lines about voter registration.  But really you’d think that after seven years the DMV would have figured out that I don’t live in Wisconsin anymore.  Of course I think the responsibility of being registered to vote in two places would be overwhelming for me anyway.  I still haven’t worked through all the smaller races on the California ballot.

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