Drum roll (or not) please

A couple of days ago a web acquaintance pointed out this shirt on thinkgeek. It has a drumset decal on the front that’s hooked up to a battery pack and speaker so that it actually plays when you tap it. Cool idea, right? Well, yes, but…. My first thought on seeing it was “oooh, that’s neat” but that thought was quickly followed by “but clearly it was designed by a man for men.”

I’ll admit that I’m a bit weird when it comes to physical contact, but I’m pretty sure my desire not to turn my breasts into a drumset does not result from the unfortunate experiences I had in high school (which still, after all these years, leave me hyper-sensitive to the dynamics of casual touch in social situations). I mean, in theory, even if you do have a working drumset decal plastered across your chest random you’d still have ultimate control over who actually tapped on said drum set. But I’m not one to trust theory when it comes to control over my own personal space (and bodily contact). So someone let me know when I can get a shirt with the musical instruments on the sleeves. I mean come on, the ad copy even writes itself then.

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