Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Someone in the office likes signs. Signs stating the obvious.

In the women’s bathroom there’s a sign saying “don’t forget to flush.” I suspect that in reality the problem is not that people forget to flush but that they forget to check that flushing accomplished its intended goal (sometimes it takes a second try).

Today there is a sign on one of the cabinets in the kitchen. The door to said cabinet is hanging at a funny angle and very clearly not attached in all the places it’s supposed to be. The sign says “Caution: this door is unhinged.”

It sort of makes me want to hang a sign somewhere in the hallway saying “You are here.”

One thought on “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign”

  1. You should find the source of all these signs and hang a sign on his or her back that says: “Careful, I am unhinged.”
    Man I love it when people do this. My old office was filled with grammatically incorrect and parenthetically improper signs.
    “PLEASE” wash “your” hands!


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