An eye for an eye, for ratings.

Last weekend I was feeling kind of crappy and decided I’d curl up on the couch and watch some stupid TV. The problem with this plan, of course, was that we don’t have cable, a tivo, or any of the other technologies that allow some sort of control over the stupidness of the available television. We have an HD tuner, which gets us all the networks, but seriously Sunday afternoon isn’t exactly the best time to curl up and watch network TV. My intent was to make use of Netflix streaming to watch copious amounts of Law and Order but once I actually got the computer attached to the TV working (with its finicky power supply and wireless keyboard from hell) I found I was no longer in an L&O mood. As I was flipping through what netflix has available I noticed that they had Sleeper Cell.

When the series first came out there were a couple of billboards for the show I drove past regularly. I can’t find a picture of the cast for the first season all together, but imagine if you will a billboard with a black guy, a Saudi, a french man, a bosnian, and a blond white boy from Berkeley with the tagline “Friends. Neighbors. Husbands. Terrorists.” With that as my only previous information about the show I was pretty much expecting an utterly offensive train wreck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for highlighting the fact that not all arabs are terrorists and not all terrorists are arabs but the advertising made Sleeper Cell look like fear mongering of the “oh my god fear everybody” variety, which doesn’t exactly strike me as an improvement. So I opened a bottle of wine and settled in to see how bad it really was. Continue reading “An eye for an eye, for ratings.”