This morning, while driving through the Sepulveda Pass, I looked up to see what looked like a baby dragon flying overhead. Big wings, long thin tail. I suppose, given that this is LA afterall, it is possible that I was looking at some sort of movie prop. But given the lack of the normal annoyances that come with filming (namely blocked off roads and sidewalks; seriously don’t even get me started on how much I hate that aspect of hollywood) I’m going to guess that it’s more likely that I was looking at a large bird with a snake in its claws.

This immediately reminded me of the Laurie Anderson song from which this post takes its title. Of course about half a mile later (what? you don’t measure time in miles?) I realized that song was about an eagle and a weasel. But in a city this big I’ll let my wildlife song references have a little leeway.

Like in that Annie Dillard book
Where she sees that eagle
With the skull of a weasel
Hanging from its neck
And here`s how it happened, listen.
Eagle bites the weasel.
Weasel bites back They fly up to nowhere.
Weasel keeps hangin` on.
Together forever.

2 thoughts on “Speechless”

  1. Over on The Emerson Avenger blog I have posted a “less than diplomatic” rough draft of my open letter to UUA President Bill Sinkford calling upon him to live up to his own religious rhetoric and “choose love” for any and all victims of all forms of U*U clergy misconduct, sexual misconduct and otherwise. I am interested in suggestions for saying pretty much the same thing somewhat more diplomatically but not *too* diplomatically. U*Us and even non-U*Us are invited to make suggestions for improvements by commenting on the blog post itself or sending me a private and confidential email at –



  2. It’s events like what you describe that really make me wish we had webcams attached to our dashboards. Sounds really cool, whatever it was you saw.


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